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Stationery typically includes Business Cards, Letterhead, a mailing Envelope and occasionally a Second Sheet. Western Sky Design can buy the printing or supply print-ready artwork if you are comfortable placing the order.

  • Business Cards can be single or double-sided, any size, and landscape or portrait orientation. Rounded corners (some or all) and a variety of finished are also available.

  • The standard size for Letterhead is 8.5 x 11" and is printed on inkjet/laser safe paper. We will create a digital version of the LH as well to be used for in-house printing on plain paper and/or for digital distribution. It is usually prepped for MS Word.

  • The Envelopes shown are #10 size. They can be with or without a window, and designed to print one of two ways: on pre-made envelopes or printed flat then converted into envelopes.

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